Have T'ai Chi Will Travel

About Lao Shi Quin Bakaty

Quin has practiced and taught various martial arts for the last 20 years.




  • T’ai chi Ch’uan training, Under Sifu Connie Zhang (yang & Chen styles) began in 1988
  • Aikido, where he holds a San Dan (third degree black belt,) and also holds Fukushidoin teaching certification
  • Karate, where he holds a Sho Dan (first degree black belt In Kuen Do Ryu Karate)
  • Kendo (Japanese fencing) At Ken Zen Dojo..No rank



He has been an Aikido and T’ai Chi Ch’uan instructor at Portland Aikikai were he was the director, and primary instructor of the children's program.


Quin has also taught at:


  • Portland State University
  • Portland French-American International school
  • Portland Parks & Recreational department (working with children with special needs)
  • Capitol Hill elementary School
  • After School and Summer camp Programs

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